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Which undergraduate major is better to get into law school for criminal, psychology or creative writing?

Would it make a difference when the admissions committee looks at my undergraduate? For criminal law, it would be good to have an understanding of how the mind works, but I think I would get a higher GPA in creative writing. I'm not sure which to major in!

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    Try both and see which one you like better. Creative writing isn't like legal writing, which is fact-based. Journalism might be more useful. Grades aside, undergraduate majors that emphasize research, comprehensive reading, writing and time management are the most useful preparation for law school, where you will need all of those skills (plus the ability to think logically).

    Source(s): Daughter in law school
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    I don't know that it matters which particular undergraduate degree you hold, as far as admissions in concerned. What matters more are GPA, LSAT score and extra curricular activity. Any undergraduate degree is accepted in law school.

    Speaking as a law school graduate (and a practicing lawyer), I would tell you to take classes in Philosophy, Writing, public speaking, etc. Philosophy especially, to train your mind to "think outside the box" so to speak. And if you are headed for a specific area of law, focus on a undergrad degree that fits into that. For example, if you want to get into patent work, a technical degree is a must; if you want to prosecute criminals, take criminal law classes; if you want to defend them, major in Drama/Theater :)

    Good Luck!

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