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ok i have this homework, and i must see if i've done it right. and this seems to be the only way. could someone be able to just do it quickly and post the answers. it would help so much asap! thank you :) the original is in dutch but i translated it, if you speak dutch then i'd rather get it checked in dutch but english is good both copies are bellow.


1 - Are the following sentences true or false?

a) A municipality consists of the village and outlying areas.

b) Countryside, nature and recreation areas together form the outer gebeid.

c) The village has all the area contained within the signs with place names.

d) A village is a place with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

2 - A land use is:

Choose the correct answer:

a) The plan of the municipality that deals with how the countryside is organized.

b) The plan of the government that is about how many houses in one community may be grown.

c) The plan of the municipality that is about how the space within the municipality is classified.

d) The plan of the municipality that is about how many houses can be built there.

3 - How many counties were in 2001 in the Netherlands?

Choose from the following: 402, 150, 106, 496.

4 - What does livable environment?

5 - What is a church?

a) City

b) District

c) A small part of the Netherlands with municipal boundaries.

6 - Which concept is for the good description:

a) Use of circular or space.

b) What parts of the community to be arranged.

c) All components in an area that people made.

d) Well furnished area.

1 - Liveable Area

3 - Zoning.

5 - Furnishings.

6 - Destination.


1- Zijn de volgende zinnen juist of onjuist?

a) Een gemeente bestaat uit bebouwde kom en het buitengebied.

b) Platteland, natuurgebieden en recreatiegebieden vormen samen het buitengebeid.

c) De bebouwde kom is al het gebied dat ligt binnen de borden met de plaatsnaam.

d) Een dorp is een plaats met meer dan 10000 inwoners.

2- Een bestemmingsplan is:

Kies het juiste antwoord:

a) Het plan van de gemeente dat gaat over hoe het buitengebied wordt ingericht.

b) Het plan van de regering dat gaat over hoeveel huizen er in een gemeente mogen worden verbouwd.

c) Het plan van de gemeente dat gaat over hoe de ruimte binnen de gemeente wordt ingedeeld.

d) Het plan van de gemeente dat gaat over hoeveel huizen er mogen worden gebouwd.

3- Hoeveel gemeentes waren er in 2001 in Nederland?

Kies uit het volgende: 402, 150, 106, 496.

4- Wat betekent leefbare omgeving?

5- Wat is een gemeente?

a) Stad

b) Stadsdeel

c) Een kleine deel van Nederland met gemeentegrens.

6- Welke begrip hoort bij de goede omschrijving:

a) Gebruik van rond of ruimte.

b) Hoe delen van de gemeente ingericht moeten worden.

c) Alle onderdelen in een gebied die door mensen gemaakt zijn.

d) Goed ingericht gebied.

1- Leefbare omgeving

3- Bestemmingsplan.

5- Inrichtingselementen.

6- Bestemming.



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    1 a,b and c are right.A village has less then 10,000 inhabitants.Means the same as in english

    #2 c is the right answer

    #3 Sorry but there are 430 municipalities in the netherlands

    # 4 Your translation is wrong.What means liveble environment

    It are all the aspects that in the zoningbylaws are regulated.

    I think zoningbylaws is a better translation for "bestemmingsplan"

    #5 c should be the right answer.It is just the same as here.The smallest area with an elected councel who has some lawmaking authority

    #6 Your translation is correct for a but it doesn't make sence.It should be I think:Gebruik van grond of ruimte.Translated:Use of land or space





    Hope this helps you

    Source(s): I am a dutch guy who lives in Canada. More questions about this??
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    i might desire to be there now. wood shoe? placed your tulips at the same time and whistle. You do be attentive to a thank you to whistle do not you? The intrinsic geography( as antagonistic to the extrinsic geography?) of Holland is a robust motif for you because you look to delight in tilting at windmills. You and your Donkey Hote'.

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    Why did you take so much effort to translate it (I can see it took you a lot of effort cause the translation is messed up) if you could have made those questions by yourself in the same time?

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    its really long

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