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Should I become a vegetarian?

I'd love to become a vegetarian, (I love animals) but I play volleyball. And I play it for two seasons and I'm one of the team's main players. My mom is always telling me I need to eat more meat and I need to get stronger.

I eat tofu maybe once a week and I don't really like beans. I don't know how to get protein.

Should I wait another five years or so to become a vegetarian?

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    That is all a myth that vegetarians cannot be physically strong, you just need to know how to do the whole vegetarian lifestyle thing correctly.

    Be sure to get lots of protein -> Greek yogurt, edamames, nuts, nut butter, cereals (Kashi go lean original is a great one), TVP (textured vegetable protein) eggs, and legumes are all great sources.

    Iron -> Spinach (eaten with citrus to help absorb iron), fortified breakfast cereal (product 19 is amazing for this), chickpeas...are some good ones.

    Omega fatty acids -> Flaxseed (oil, supplement, grounded) and walnuts.

    No need to wait, jump in right now! I do sports as well, and I'm vegan actually. Never had any problems.

    You might want to check with your doctor too, they can be helpful.

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    Your mother more than likely isn't very aware of nutrition & naturally the best advice comes from a qualified nutrition + to an extent your own research.

    What is in meat that ''isn't'' in vegetables? Alright the BIG ones are vitamin B12 (fortified foods ie cereal yoghurts supplements & possibly eggs if you take that path contain B12)

    Iron, whilst yes iron in animals is easiest absorbed, vegetables still provide more than enough iron when consumed in quantity & once again supplements are available.

    Protein: Protein is a broad term, to keep this very simple (you can google the info if you want) plants provide us with protein, whilst not as abundant as meat 90% of the times. The likes of Beans/nuts/protein shakes/eggs etc all contain more than enough protein & all the right proteins.

    Interestingly vegetatrians have existed over 2000 years & whilst it was considered odd by the western world back hundreds of years ago they survived & no evidence (historical) talks about sickly vegetarians. Da Vinci & Jesus (arguably) were vegetarians so was Pythagoras & his followers, thats just to name a few old ones Einstein was a vegetarian & Hitler (arguable again for Hitler).

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    just figure out a plan to get all the nutrients you need; though if you really love animals the best thing would be to become vegan, dairy cows, and treated no better than the cows used for meat, and chickens are treated horribly as well. oh, and you will need to get rid of any animal products leather, or fur.

    But that's just me.

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    Yes, read the book Skinny Bit*h.

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    Do you like peanuts because they have a lot of protein. If you want to see more options go to this website: http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/a/highp...

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    Vegetarians are idiots.

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