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please please help could my Girlfriend be pregnant?It's too early to test now shes panicing and i am?

Hey me and my girlfriend had sex and she checks some kind of dates on the net so we know how to be carefull.Anyway she checked and the thing came up with 5th-10th we had unprotected sex on the 4th and the 8th I finished in her and shes having pains in her right side but its when she needs a poo?Supposdly the 9th was her most something day? Do I need to be worried? It's to early to test what is the chance super high? or slim? or just medium

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    Deep breath. go to a pharmacy and buy plan b. its like 20 dollars but you can take it up to 5 days after unprotected sex. it will stop a pregnancy from occuring

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    Well, just a comment regarding you "finishing in her." First, just monitoring when she SHOULD be ovulating is not a very good way to prevent pregnancy. Second, sperm can live in there for like 48 hours, so that is pretty stupid to have sex that close to when she is supposed to ovulate. Why isn't she on birth control or why aren't you using condoms? If you have unprotected sex, be prepared for the consequence of pregnancy.

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    In the Future a 100% way to not get a girl pregnant to never have SEX until you're ready to have a baby.

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    what the heck?

    well most likely she's pregnant because you finished inside her!

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