Do I need a transit visa for 9 hours stay in US?

I am traveling from Paris (I'm an Indian national) to Santiago, Chile. I have a 9 hours lay over in Miami where I catch my connecting flight for Chile. My ticket doesn't show me to change the terminal so I assume I am not going out of the airport. Do I need to apply for any specific type of Visa? Someone told me transit visa but is it really worth for 9 hours? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    It is not a question of being worth but it is mandatory. Whereas in Asia transit visa are mostly issued to leave the transit zone of an airport to explore the city/country the United States require transit visa for everybody who touches U.S. soil after 9/11, even for only changing aircraft. ..

    You will need to hold a C-1 visa for the United States, otherwise the airline will not let you board. It depends on your (unknown) residential status where you will need to apply for the visa. You can apply for the visa at the U.S. Embassy in Paris should you be a resident of France. If you plan to fly from India you will need to get the visa at the U.S Embassy or Consulate General which covers your Indian state of residency and you will also need to get a French Airport Transit Visa since Indian citizen are also subject to this visa requirement for changing aircraft in France.

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