Look at this picture and tell me how a plane could have hit the Pentagon?

Here's the link to the picture.


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    Eyewitnesses saw a high speed plane flying below the level of the highway toward the Pentagon and then a massive explosion.

    Where did that plane go, in your theory?

    Did you see the debris field?

    Do you know where the engines were found?

    All of the evidence was consistent with the wings being sheared off. This was a reinforced wing of the Pentagon and the walls were stronger than the force holding the wings to the fuselage.

    Do this experiment. Build a paper model of a plane. Drill a hole in a piece of wood large enough for the fuselage, but not the wings. Push the plane through the hole.

    When the wings fail to knock out a wing-shaped hole in the wood, what do you conclude?

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    How to defend Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: (I am almost afraid to post this. His defense team could do it and it might work.) Mohammed did not do it. September 11, 2001 was a conspiracy by the Bush Administration. The defense team would put 9/11 conspiracy theorists that have “proof” of the inside job on the stand with their proof. This would expose the theorists to cross examination and require that they present a complete, rational, plausible explanation for 9/11 that does not include 19 fanatical Islamists, high-jacking 4 airliners, and flying them into buildings. If they don’t do it is pretty good proof that the conspiracy theories cannot stand up to the rules of evidence and the theorists are full of crap. Or, the defense team is also in on the conspiracy and won’t put on the best defense, “My client is innocent. He did not do it and I can prove who did.”



    Do you really believe a government that could not keep Abu Ghraib secret, could pull off 9/11? They had complete control of the site and all the people involved and could not do it

    It is impossible to pull off conspiracies of the magnitude of 9/11. Too many people, things, and events must be controlled. Follow any thread and the situation becomes unmanageable. And, all the pieces have to fit, your solution, if you can find one, must fit everything else. Try an easy one: How do you make 4 airliners with roughly 800 passengers and crews disappear without a trace? Family, friends, business associates, airline gate personnel saw them board; ground crew, airport Ground Controllers, Tower Controllers saw them taxi and takeoff; Departure Control saw them climb to Departure Altitude and turn On-course; Air Traffic Control saw them leave. Those 4 airliners, passengers, and crew must be accounted for.

    the crew on each plane in on the plot? This means you must approach 8 pilots and roughly 32 Cabin Attendants (40 people) and get all 40 to agree WITHOUT any of them saying “No!” and blowing the plot. This puts you back to, why would they agree? What do you threaten them with? Again you need to put them in prison or kill them to assure they do not talk. What are the chances that 40 people (other than Islamic fanatics) would agree to life in prison or death?

    OK. So, only the pilots knew. You need to get 8 (or 4 if you assume 1 pilot on each plane successfully kills the other pilot. A person they know and like.) Air Transport Pilots to agree to fly 800 people to their death or life in prison, WITHOUT any of them saying, “No!” and blowing the plot. What are the chances of that? This puts you back to, why would they agree? What do you threaten them with? All 8 (4) can never return to family or friends. How do you guarantee that? Prison? Death?

    We have the testimony of the passengers of United 93 that called their families (the argument that cell phones do not work on airliners is a non sequitur. Some, perhaps all, used the seat back AirPhons) and told them what was going on and the testimony of Betty Ong, Stewardess on American 11, that told American Airlines Operations Center what was going on. Ms Ong used a seatback telephone and her conversation with the Operations Center was recorded (Touching History, Spann, Lynn, ISBN 13:978-1-4165-5925-1). All of the people called knew the person they talked to and are certain that the calls were authentic. Not one of the people making those calls used the movie trick of calling their wives, children, or pets by the wrong name to signal they were under duress.

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    The pentagon was built using reinforced concrete. As the plane entered the wings would be bent backwards.

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    That is obviously a photoshopped image, so it has no meaning at all. A good photoshop expert can make an image to show whatever you want.


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