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Help with weight loss goals?

hi im 14 and i weigh 136 lbs and i am 5"6 i want to lose 1 inch of belly fat and 0.4 inches of chest fat (basically because that is all the fat i have, and im working on having a flat stomach/chest) i used to eat around 1600 calories a day but for the past 2 weeks i have lowered it to around 900-1100. i dont eat fat foods.. for breakfast i eat a bowl of grape nuts with milk.. for lunch i eat a turkey/ham sandwich and low fat yogurt and sometimes an apple/banana.. and for dinner i usually eat some cooked meat with vegetables.. i trust my mom not to cook anything bad for my diet. i run 30 minutes a day 3 days a week... and i have gym 2 days a week where we play a sport for 30-45 mins... i want to know how long will it take me to reach my goal?

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    thats sound very good and it sounds good too that your going to the gym that will help.

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