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Is a student visa guaranteed to anyone who applies for it?

What percentage of people are denied and why? I need any and all info you might be able to help me with on how to go about applying for a student visa and also what happens after, please! Also any info you might be able to give me about scholarships available for a student with a student visa who wishes to attend a four year university.

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    No, if it was guaranteed, there'd be no reason to do an interview. no type of visa is guaranteed as no one has an absolute right to a visa. aside from the site, you can also go to for the website of the US embassy where you live for more precise information on how to apply and get an interview appointment there. However, until you are accepted by a school and get an I-20 student form and are registered in the student database, SEVIS, you can't even apply for the visa.

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    Student visas are definitely not guaranteed to anyone who applies. I don't know what the percentage of people are denied and the reasons vary.

    Most likely you will have to have funding for your studies before you come. Scholarships are meant for American students, not foreign exchange students. You will have to apply for a scholarship in your own country.

    Here is a site with some good info about American student visas.

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    you have to have the money already arranged from your home country before you can apply for a study visa. Either it was saved up or you have a scholarship.

    You also must apply to a school in the USA and BE ACCEPTED first BEFORE you can apply for a study visa. You will NOT get a study visa if you have NOT first been accepted into a school. The school sends you an acceptance letter and you have to send this acceptance letter with your application for a study visa. You will NOT get a study visa without the acceptance letter.

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