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What do i have to change in my iphone 3gs?

i woke up this morning to find my iphone in my baby nephew's hands. i dont know exactly what he did, but i think its probably water damage. I checked the headjack, and the the little dot-thing is still white, but there is some visible liquid on the middle-left side. I definately want to try to keep it, however i dont know what part to i have to change to make the phone work again. Also, if you could tell me what the price may be for the part...thanks for the tips in advance.

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    Buy my coil on Ebay Uk and it will fix it for less than $25. Search for Iphone Coil 6r8 it fixes water damaged phones.

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    You can mail it them and they'll fix it and ship it out the next day. i've sent my iphone in about 2 times already and its never worked better

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