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Still love him?!?!??!?

Ok so me and my ex broke up after 6 months. I dumped him because he wasn't txtin me. He later told me that he was just grounded. But anyways we broke up in may and I have 2 classes with him. He has moved on..I think. We aren't friends now and haven't talked since the breakup. I still really like him. My heart breaks when he looks at other girls but I just tell myself to get over him. He went out with my close friend then dumped her. This was in june he hasn't had a gf since.Oh and I'm 13... So should I try to move on or tell him my feelings?!?

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    yea, tell him that you always loved him and it was a mistake to dump him.

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    You're 13, why put up with all this drama?? He's not your boyfriend and you are far too young to date if "mommy and daddy" have to drive you to your dates and to see your "man".

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    tell him your feelings! definitely

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