Does this sound okay?

I loaned my best friends mom some money. Her and I are no longer friends and her family has been avoiding my calls. Her mom was supposed to pay me back over a month ago. I know she has gotten paid since then so I'm starting to question whether or not she is planning on paying me back anymore. I have proof that she owes me money and was planning on having my attorney call her in hopes that they would end things there. If matters weren't settled then I was going to take her to small claims court.

Her daughter (my ex best friend) just messaged me and said she would have my money soon. I asked if she can give me a better idea of when she could pay me back and she said no. So I was planning on writing this back to her...

"Excuse my lack of trust in the situation but considering how things turned out last time we stopped being friends I feel I must do this. Since you don't have any specific time frame on when I will be getting my money I will have to give you one cause I'm tired of playing this game. If your family doesn't pay me back by the 18th of November (one week from today) I will be forced to take matters into my own hands."

I'm not sure how this sounds though. I don't want to cause drama or make problems but I want her and her family to know that I'm serious about the situation and that they can't just screw me over on this one.

The last time we stopped being friends (which happened 2 years ago) she didn't give me any of my stuff back. She had clothes and some important paperwork of mine and she just threw it away. I let it pass though cause I got new paperwork and she didn't have that much clothes of mine.


$650 and she was supposed to pay me back in the beginning of october.

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    Money is the biggest problem in most relationships including marriage. With what you described, I would say your most likely path of action will be small claims. Sometimes just the letter from an attorney will get results, but if not then you have to just follow through with what you advised them of. Doing this will most generally cost you the friendship, but if they persist in using you, were they really that good of a friend? I have in the past used the letter approach which cost me $65 in attorney's fees to write and send it, but I was foreclosing on a mobile home. But, on cash amounts, small claims worked best and was less hassle and time. Plus there, request they also pay court costs.

    While we are on the subject, can I borrow some money? :) Have a great day and I hope it works out.

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    Depends how much money.

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