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HELP! My Dad Is Going To Kill Me!!!!!!!! Please I'm in deep trouble help!!!!?

Hello and THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR LOOKING AT MY QUESTION. I really appreciate it.

Ok, so my family is a bit insane. More insane then you could imagine....

My mom is alway screaming and cursing, my sisters are arguing and screaming and making a mess, My dad is always looking for oppurtunities to start fights and hit me. He doesn't give me an ordinary spanking - he just hits me violently, grabs my hair , shakes me, hits me with wires, hangers, shoes. He also curses and shouts while he's hitting me. It's really scary. This monday our report cards go out. And the following tuesday, my school has a parent teacher conference where parents can go meet teachers and see how good their child is doing. The thing is, I failed math,science,and italian. My dad told me that if he finds out I failed anything or missed any homework he'd beat me to a bloody pulp , end my schooling, and send me back to my country (which is in a really bad condition right now). I don't know what to do. I'm so scared I'm praying that he'll forget about it but my sister wamted me to get in trouble so she reminded my dad -___-. Should I kill myself, should I report him?

My dad told me when I was little that if I ever reported him I'd be put in a filthy foster home where'd I'd be fed horrible food and live in a tiny cell with roaches, the thought really scares me. What should I do, I'm tired of being hit and I'm tired of watching my siblings, especially my 3 year old brother, get hit right infront of my eyes.

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    The way you describe it, filthy foster homes with terrible food sounds like it's worth reporting him.

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    Wow! He defiantly has a temper that he allows to control him. If I were in your shoes, I would not give him a reason to be more abusive with you. He is just looking for a fight with you, he sounds like he could be very dangerous during an angry, uncontrolled outburst. Does he have a good friend that you could go to and ask if they would be willing to be a mediator, so you can in a controlled situation tell him that you and your brother have become his punching bag (be very detailed about the abuse in front of his friend) and tell him you will no longer tolerate his abuse, and if it happens again you will be forced to call the police, but your preference is to live in peace while you are living in the same house. Tell him you have asked his friend to be a witness to this conversation so if anything bad were to happen to you or your brother he can testify for you in regards to the abuse. He now knows that another adult knows about his abusive behavior, his friend becomes your witness, which will make him think twice about more abuse. If he doesn't have a friend, get someone who is neutral to both of you. A policeman or domestic abuse advocate, or minister, even a school counselor. It must be an adult with some authority if it is not his friend... someone that can help to stop his abuse. STOP it before it escalates into something one of you regrets for the rest of your life. Good luck!

    Source(s): I was a Youth at Risk Counselor and Directed a program, Community Partners with Youth in the Tampa Bay area. An adult mentoring program that supported teens to accomplish volunteer projects that made a difference in the community. The way to self-confidence and leadership is knowing you make a difference for others... Teenagers are our Leaders of Tomorrow!
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    Call DSS! This is serious and every one of ya'll kids will get taken away and put in the same foster home. They are not a tiny cell with roaches. They are normal houses and you will be in there people that have the same issues as you or even worse. Don't worry, you don't wanna live like that do you? Please report him, your brothers and sisters will be scarred for life.

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    Do NOT kill yourself. You would be abandoning your siblings and making them suffer with somebody as horrible as him. You don't want to do that, I'm sure.

    Unless you live in a 3rd world country, I don't think that the foster home is that crappy. Call a child abuse hotline, like 1-800-4-A-CHILD.

    I trust you will do the right thing, and stay strong!

    Source(s): There is the website I found the number on. It serves the U.S., Canada, and the territories of the U.S.
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    Call the police. Talk to a school counselor. Talk to a parent of one of your friends. You need to get yourself and your siblings out of there fast before there's a tragedy. Foster homes aren't as bad as he says.

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    Okay even this is like, "Oh my god..." I'm going to be straight forward w/ you. You need to calm yourself down, and I know you might be scared that you'll never see your family (the ones that you might love) again. I would suggest living with a close relative that loves you, and NOT KILLING YOURSELF! Killing yourself is worth-less and is taking the easy way out! You need to talk to a school counselor, and if he/she doesn't do anything, you need to talk to the police or a family therapist. Possibly 911. This is very abusive and illegal. Hold on in there, *Hugs* ! ;)

    Source(s): life ;)
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    Not sure of your age.

    >end my schooling, and send me back to my country

    He would have you "deported"???

    How have you came to be in the country you are in?

    IF what you say is the truth, talk with a teacher or counsellor or someone. I expect in most countries most foster homes are NOT "filthy". At least most of them would be better than where you are now.

    >Should I kill myself

    NO!!! Get help. How could anyone living in the kind of a dysfunctional home situation which you descirbe .... how could anyone be expected to get good grades?

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    I used to be in your shoes, me and my sister and me and my sister had ran away but the cop took us back home, I think you should tell your teacher, or report it to the police as soon as possible cause it won't be anything better thrust me!!!!!! GO TO THE POLICE and ask for a home for abuse teenager

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    Sneak a phone by you, show him, and if he decides to abuse you, call a hotline or even 911. Child abuse is illegal. Good luck. Not sure what the hotline number is, but you can google it.

    You might feel bad that your reporting him, but he deserves it, and he needs to learn his lesson. Do not kill yourself.

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