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halloween harajuku costume?

for halloween 2011 i wanna b a harajuku (sweet lolita) girl :) it's something different but i can't find many costumes and im unsure how to do hair and make-up for that style:/ and i want to win my schools best costume comp. so i wanna make sure it's perfect:)! so if you have any sites for costumes good accessories, what type of clothes to buy (if i have to self-make), hair ideas, colour schemes, make-up ideas, that would be fantastic:) thanks xxxxxxxxx

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    Although I agree with the first answer that not a lot of people are familiar with Harajuku, here is one costume you could buy:


    and a few gothic lolita dresses here, some gorgeous ones if you scroll down - I love the Shinya!


    Some ideas anyway. You want to curl your hair and tease it out with hairspray - make it as big and messy as you can. A few splashes of color would be good too. I think makeup should be black eyeliner with bright color on the eye lids and dark, almost black lipstick.

    Good luck!

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    There is a lot of Harajuku stuff online, including some really expensive dresses you can guy, and so on.

    My daughter did it a couple of years ago, but the trouble was that few knew about the style, and not many recognized it. Especially the lolita gothic, and styles like it. You have to know about Harajuku for it to make any sense. I learned about it (had to - she loves the style!), but, a great many don't, so while you can make some really cool costumes, I'm not sure they would win any contests - most people just won't know what you are, and any costume you have to explain will not win a contest, not matter how fabulous it is.

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    there is distinctive Harajuku stuff on line, which is composed of a few relatively costly dresses you may guy, etc. My daughter did it a pair of years in the past, however the hassle replaced into that few knew relating to the form, and not many known it. fairly the lolita gothic, and types like it. you may desire to comprehend approximately Harajuku for it to make any sense. I discovered approximately it (had to - she loves the form!), yet, a great many don't, so while you will be able to make some relatively cool costumes, i'm undecided they could win any contests - maximum human beings basically won't comprehend what you're, and any dress you may desire to describe won't win a contest, no longer count how outstanding that's.

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    Why don't you mix and match and dress like a cute little fairy or monster. Just something off the head. Try pink and green. Not elf green - just green. Of course, you may still want to have that lolita goth look.

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    kittycat costumes

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