How can i make my laptop computer run more efffecietnyl?

I have a compaq presario m2000 laptop and it runs very slow sometimes. it randomly freezes while doing things like doing homework or being on the internet. when it freezes my screen looks like as if it is freezing literally right before my eyes. or almost like a thick fog taking over my computer screen. after that it becomes totally unresponsive. also....sometime sit freezes and donsent fog up and unfreezes and then works. how can i make it run faster like when it was new (about 6-7 years old now). when it freezes if i open windows task mahanger it seems to help just by opening it. or if i click on the start menu and close it it tends to run faster. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips i can do to help mkae my computer run like new. thanks in advanced.

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    1st> save all you want to keep from your computer to an external hard drive or flash drive

    2> Buy a commercial copy of "XP" or "7", install new op. sys.

    3> download "7" skin if you buy"XP";%E2%80%A6

    op. system install / re-install steps

    print a copy of this file

    print a copy of computer notes

    export browser Fav's / bookmarks

    back-up files, programs ;

    power down

    disconnect network and external drives

    power up

    delete tif files ( temp internet files ) and cookies;

    un-install programs;

    delete folders;

    delete accounts

    empty recycle bin

    restart computer

    Go to BIOS and set boot order with CD boot 1st

    place O.S. CD in CD drive, 'cept don't close it

    power down

    close CD drive with O.S. CD in it

    restart computer

    format primary HDD;

    ( Fn + F10 ) = disc eject ( DELL )

    install op. system;

    adjust screen resolution;

    load software for external drives and hardware;

    test for internet connection;

    install additional programs as necessary

    If your computer is several years old, consider buying a new hard drive for the fresh install of the op. sys..

    When re-installing the o.s., allocate 15gb (15000mb) of space for the op. sys.. Format in NTFS. Partition the rest of the hard drive in 7000mb to 20000mb allocations creating up to 10 partitions. Then, after you boot, you can allocate / format the rest of the hard drive under disk management;

    >(r-clik) my computer

    > manage

    > disk management

    Allocate +/- 7 to 20 gb of space for each partition, format in NTFS.

    Install additional software (Adobe pdf reader, Java R.E., printer, wireless adaptor, office suite, web browser, widgets,etc.) to a low capacity partition.

    AVOID installing to the partition that host's the op.sys.. AVOID storing anything in the user account “My Documents” folder as that will consume space in the host partition.

    Download software to a low capacity partition, install software and programs to another low capacity partition. Create and download documents to another partition. Store music and images and other media files on another partition.

    leave at least one partition unused, for migration. At least once a year, migrate your stuff to a unused partition, (especially if you do a lot of document creating, editing, deleting), then format the abandoned partition, for the next time.

    With only the op. sys. on the hosting partition, and other file types separated by partitions, it will be easier for your computer to run the op., and easier to run everything else. Also, the search feature will work much faster as you will only have to search a partition for the file you want to find.

    And, with your files and software on other partitions, your stuff is already in back-up, and the next op. Sys. Re-install will be already half done and much easier to do and you will only have to format the host partition and not the whole hard drive

    Also, increase your RAM to at least double of mfg. Configure or even max it.

    Check the RAM and CPU load with the task manager to determine if you need to increase the RAM capacity;

    1st> (r-clik) taskbar

    2> task manager

    3> performance

    Get widgets to monitor the RAM load and CPU load

    To be more thorough, “wipe” the hard drive before the op. Sys. Install with DBAN

    Use Eraser to overwrite the contents of the recycle bin instead of emptying the recycle bin;

    1st> Open Eraser

    2> clik explorer tab near bottom left

    3> clik recycle bin in the the explorer tree to show contents of recycle bin

    4> edit > select all

    5> drag and hold contents over the eraser tab

    The explorer closes and eraser opens

    6> drag contents back to the eraser que, drop contents

    7> set eraser to make one pass;

    Edit > preferences > erasing > pseudorandom data > OK

    8> (r-clik) eraser que> run all > close

    Occasionally use ccleaner for maintenance purposes;

    Occasionally, create a new user account, copy / paste contents from the current user account, to the new user account, then delete the old user account


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    Go to google and look for C Cleaner. Go to the first option work your way through and download from filehippo. The most recent version. Once you have it downloaded, you can erase all of your unused and un needed data which will help it go faster. You can then fix any issues on your computer on c cleaner under the tools options. Very helpful. I have a Compaq presario cq61 and this program is great. Free also

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    Format it with the cd that came with your computer but first save important files on a flash drive or cd.

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    your computer needs to be cleaned and tuned, there are lots of good freeware to that....with reviews.

    probably the best and safest freeware site on the net. no spam or virus's

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