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i'm 13 and my boyfriend really hurt my boobs?

we were in his room (supposed to be studying) and we started kissing and he tried to put his hands under my shirt but I told him to stop then he shoved me on the bed and i started yelling and screaming and he started squeezing my boobs really hard and when I got home i had red fingerprint blotches and my nipples hurt especially because they're usually sensitive and he squeezed them really hard with all his strength. now i think there might be something wrong with them because this happened yesterday and I can't wear a bra or shirt because of the tenderness. My parents don't allow me to date and are uptight and will freakin sue him. What do i do?

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    Break up with him! He is such a jerk. Theres not much you can do, maybe take some ice or a wet cold towel and put it on your breasts.

    I think you should tell your parents, he almost raped you! What he did to you was illegal because he touched you sexually when you didn't want to be touched.

    You can actually call the police on him and he will get in a **** load of trouble.

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    First of all, and this is most important, this man has abused you and sexually molested and/or assaulted you. This man is supposed to be your boyfriend and therefore respect, if not love, you. Break up with him. I will not sugar coat this, men who show this behavior are more likely to horribly abuse their partners and rape them. I am so concerned about your well-being, your breasts are only the start if you allow him to continue being in your life. PLEASE get out before it's too late. If he continues trying to contact you, contact police and say you are being stalked by a man who has attacked you before.

    As for your breasts, in about four days the majority of the pain will likely be gone. If the pain does not lessen and/or increases, I would suggest you visit a doctor. As for your parents 'suing' him (I can think of a few things I would do to him if I were your father), he deserves far worse for going against YOUR trust and hurting YOU. If the pain does what I said beforehand, please tell your parents. You need to be safe.

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    Hon, what he did was wrong and illegal. You need to see a doctor and this moron needs to be made aware that he is an abusive piece of crap. You need to stay far away from someone like this because as someone said here before me, if he can do this to you he may also be screwed up enough to try more on you next time. DO NOT give him that chance...ever. You need to have some self respect here. You deserve to be with someone who will love and respect you, not some idiot little bastard who thinks its cool to be abusive. I honestly hope that you take this as a sign that he is not a decent person. Good luck.

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    Tell your parents, or a teacher, or just call the police.

    What he did was illegal and abusive and very, very wrong. You need to talk to someone about what happened.

    He is NOT your boyfriend: he attacked you. He is your attacker. You should not continue a relationship with this scumbag, or give him a "second chance." Second chances are a second opportunity for him to hurt you even more: don't let him.

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    DUMP HIM!!! He's a loser, I think you should tell someone and to do with the soreness I don't have a clue if you are worried though then go to a doctor. You should not like anyone like him anywhere near you again. Also tell someone parents definitely and maybe police if you are willing to go through with that and press charges.

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    Well, first off, DUMP HIM. That jerk could have raped you--and he might even do that next time if you give him the dance. Secondly, hopefully the soreness will go away after a while. If it doesn't, you'll HAVE to tell your parents. But give it a couple of weeks.

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    I know it hard to dump him but it's the right think if he puts you I that kind of pain it isn't worth it but for the soreness try getting cocoa butter and massaging your area or plain lotion would help

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    you tell him that if he ever does anything like that again he will never see you again. you tell him you thought he cared for you and ask him why he thinks he has the right to attack you like that

    you tell him he is lucky your parents aren't talking with the police about the physical assault

    you tell him if he wants a relationship with you that he needs to grow up and treat you like a lady

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    you could try talking to his mom and just ask her not to tell your mom explain your situation and if your not comfortable with that then just wait a few more days and take some ibuprofen or aspirin try not to freak out over it to much too cause that may just make it hurt worse and seem worse than it really is/does

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