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can someone explain to me why is my mom acting this way?

i am 20 years old. i have good grades. never came home drunk, never came home high or naything like that. i have a boyfriend. but whenever i go out she wants me to be home by 11 pm? WHY. i dont understand. im in college. i dont even find the need to tell her where i go but i still do and she always give me this disgusting look like im some type of "slut". IM SERIOUSE. ive never done anything bad like almost all these teen girls did in high school like steal, get drunk, come home at 2 am. ive never done that because i thought it was inresponsible now if i want to go to a club on a thursday i have to lie to my mom and not tell her im going there and she yells at me constantly to be home by 11! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. i always tell her no ill be home by 12:30.

so i have to be the lame O and tell all my friends i gotta be home and the thing is im OLDER than all of them. what should i do. im tired of talking to her. i tlak to her constantly i try to get through her brain that im an adult. and not matter what she doesnt let me move out. she might even not tlak to me ever again so moving out is out of the options. since ive tried COUNTLESS times to calmy talk to her. im starting to plan on just leaving and coming home at the time i want which is prob 1:30 max. is that so bad? :(

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    Like it or not you are living with her so you have to go by her rules. You are lucky that its at 11pm instead of 9 like some parents have it. If you don't like it then you can always get a full time job and move out on your own so no one can tell you when to be home.

    She is your mother and I'm guessing she wants you to always be safe. A lot of stuff happens to women at night so she just wants you to be safe at home? I mean she is only being a mother. Obviously you tried to tell her otherwise and its not working so either deal with it the best you can or find another place to live. The choice is yours.

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    think maybe your mom's issues are within her and not about you. Maybe she married too young, maybe she had dreams unfulfilled, maybe she is scared from watching way too much news???

    I would highly suggest, with this proclamation of independence, you act on it.

    I know it seems she would not let you back in, but look at it from an outsiders view... she isn't letting go of you now. She won't let go of you if you move out, she will simply have to adjust.

    Please be very considerate of your move, financially, if you are going to have roommates. If this is your first move... there is so much to consider that it would be a great way for you and your mom to possibly get closer...Tell her, "Mom, the facts are that I am planning on moving out. It would HELP me a lot if you would sit down with me and TOGETHER we could make a plan.

    Sounds like you have a lot of self respect and discipline along with respect for your mother, so I hope you do not start rebelling at such a mature age.

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    Your mother has always been your mother,and she always will.she will tell you what to do your whole life.its because she loves you and wants what is best for you.the thing is,that as long as you live under her are obligated to respect her wishes.the choice is are an adult,and you must make an adult decision.

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    becasue she loves you

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