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so im in highschool i made new friends :D non enemies and theres the cutest guy in the class :) he gave me a nickname then he had kissed me in the chek couple times just to say "hi" and hes like winking or just smiling and staring at me in the classes its strange so i just look on other side or just smile at em :D i love to speak with em and he does too we were sitting together for couple times but from today hes keeps on smiling but doesnt give me the whole attention like before is he starting to unliking me :) ???? how can i make em like me again :D i do love em btw (and i made other guy friends is he jelous cuz im close with em ... btw hes like hugging girls in front of me ) :D help pls

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    He's probably just extremely flirty. If you really like him then try hinting a little more.

    But but by the looks of it he seems like a first class player.

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    Hi, you are so young, it sounds like there are lots of people with crushes there, If you like him that much and it certainly appears that you do, then talk to him, have a proper conversation with him, it could be, as you say that he has seen you with others and he is jealous. Maybe someone has told him that you are only teasing because you do not converse properly. The only way is to find out. is to date, and if you do become an item, then it would be much nicer for you both if you stop making each other jealous, unless of course you both accept that you are doing it as fun and nothing more. I wish you luck and if this is what you really want, i hope you will have a happy relationship together. Take care.

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    that happend to me too I know why because boys go way crazy jealous when your friends with other boys so he wants you to feel the same way so dont get jealous but dont stop hanging out with your other buddies too just hang out with him a lot.

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