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I need help with my Sweet 16?

So my birthday is coming up in December which kind of sucks because its a busy month. I didn't really want a birthday party at first but you're only 16 once! I don't want anything big just something small because my mom is already spending $400 in Drivers Ed plus Christmas gifts! Keep in mind that it is winter. I wanted to have a simple dinner at a restaurant with a few friends but it didn't seem that much fun any ideas?? please help

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    You should have a dinner party at your house, maybe like a mexican fest or an italian one or something, they are a great idea and always fun because you can have music going and it's a lot cheaper!

    have a movie night and sleepover after too if u want

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    Don't go with what Mr. Brad Cool beans said. My birthday is in the winter too, at the end of January. I'm turning 14, so a few of my ideas might seem a little to kiddish for your sweet 16. You could do the dinner thing and then go bowling or roller skating or ice skating or something. An idea i had for my birthday was to go get frozen yogurt at a frozen yogurt bar and then go to the mall and not buy a lot, but just go in all the stores and hang out with my friends. I hope i helped!! =)

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    1. If you have enough room, have a house party with a theme, that's always fun. :D

    2. Go shopping with your friends, watch a movie and have a sleepover or something.

    3. Go karting is uber fun :D

    4. Go ice skating with a couple of friends

    5. Go to a spa?

    6. Paintball, Q-zar

    I hope this helps =]

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    Dinner with a few friends is always fun.... Bring your camera!

    Otherwise you can have a photo party (Black and White.. or Pink)

    Candy Buffet and Movies!

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    dinner's a good idea. invite everyone and go somewhere unusual and have fun trying not to get kicked out.

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    maybe you could have everyone bring there favorite movie over to your house and have an all night movie marathon!

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    go get wasted and high trust me you'll have fun

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