How & when can i teach a student music scales?

Hey! :) I'm 13 and im training to be a piano teacher.

How and when can i teach a student music scales?

thank you sooo much!!!! :) <3

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I learned music theory as a child and taught it later in life. I would say first teach them: a staff, each clef, a grand staff, ledger lines, pitches, then where each pitch is on the grand staff of a regular C major scale. After they understand that, you could teach them meter so they understand timing and intervals (half and whole and sharp and flat). Then teach them the different scales and how they are represented by their key signatures. (After that it's good to learn the circle of fifths.)

    Remember, they have to know what the scales look like and why before they can play them.

    Good luck!

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