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i want a animated desktop wallpaper but when i set it as a wallpaper it wont show?

well i have the toshiba laptop, and i found some really cute animated wallpapers that like glitter, but when i clicked add as desktop wallpaper, it doesnt show the picture like moving, it shows it being still?

does anyone know why , or how can i fix it? pleasasss help me>?:)

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    I'm a linux user so I SHOULD shut up. However my own experience with these things is that the desktop doesn't handle all the file formats an illustration or paint program does. You should know what the format your desktop handles and I have found this nice piece about getting Windows Vista to run wmv files on your desktop:

    There are similar tweaks for Linux by the way.And I can only assume this works for 7. I don't know about XP though. I'm a linux user.

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    Save the url of the animated wallpaper. Right click save link or something like that.

    Then right click your desktop, choose properties, desktop, customize, web.

    Add a new web object, it will ask for the url. You should be able to adjust the size of the object after it is added

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    flow to the start menu, then the manage panel. click on on on the practice icon and then the pc tab. you may have in basic terms some alternatives there, yet which which you will additionally click on the browse button and choose any photograph or photograph you have gotten bought saved on your pc. additionally on the comparable time you flow to keep a photo from someplace and you suited click on on, think approximately gotten the guy made to circumvent dropping that as your computing device photograph. ;-) Oops, I replied this previously examining your finished question. i'm hoping i'm going to be equipped to edit this superb right here. So it would be on the backside of the ideas after clicking the workstation tab on the practice icon. merely scroll to the backside to seek for out it.

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