How do I inspire my son to like writing?

My son is 9 years old and very smart. however when he has to write something, he freezes up and says he hates writing. How do I turn this around. Its been 4 years of struggling!

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    Odds are he had a bad teacher or experience. I did, and I "hated" math for a long time, and could sit for an hour before finding an answer. The rest of my family is very good at math, and I realized it was purely psychological. I feel dumb for this, but I kept telling myself that "math is my friend and will help me in the end", suddenly I started to open up a little, and actually enjoy SOME math probs. I only started to try and enjoy this a month or two ago, it's still a struggle, but I know that I can not be an interior designer w/out math... what does your son want to be? He prob needs to be able to write to do that. Try and have him speak positively about writing, and help him along when he gets stuck. Good luck! :)

    P.S. Put him in a Montessori school if you can!

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  • Faith
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    1 decade ago

    We homeschool. My youngest is a 9yr old boy. He isn't thrilled with writing either.

    So far I don't push a lot of writing. He does what we call "copywork" for daily hand writing & grammar. He'll copy a quote or phrase. He complains if it is long but I still make sure he does the work.

    He does like art & drawing. He was in his room being very quiet one night before bed. I thought he fell asleep but he was drawing a series of characters on paper. He just drew stuff & no writing. When he showed them to me & he told me the story about the characters. I then got the idea to make his drawings into a comic book. He loved the idea.

    I found some comic book paper online. He asked for the ones with lines so he could write the story.

    I think your son like my son just needs a good reason for writing. Schools have kids writing all day long so after awhile the joy of writing goes away.

    Also we have to keep in mind in todays world a lot of people don't write. We use computers. I think the last time I hand wrote a note was this summer when I signed a guest book while visiting someone in the hospital.

    Hope my suggestions helped.

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    Does he like reading? Maybe try finding some good books for him. But in the end you can't force him to, it's just not his thing.

  • Lucky
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    1 decade ago

    You can't make him like someone he doesn't like. Or maybe he just needs a topic he enjoys.

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