Your opinion on wars! 10 points?

There are 2 soldiers, a man and a woman. They are killed within a month of each other. They were in the twenties. Answer these questions.

is there any good reason for a country to go to war?

what do you think the soldiers thought about their country?

What kind of work did they do?

If there were here today what do you think they would tell you about respect and responsibility

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    they loved their country

    they did whatever job that was asked of them

    they would tell us that both qualities are extremely important for a person to posses

  • First of all, personally, I do not believe in wars but because there are people in this world who cause them and there are people who choose to fight and protect our countries from others by using violence, I still choose to support those people because even though I don't believe in wars I still believe in the people. I choose to still love even though they may be making the wrong choice.

    1. I think the reason countries go to war is because they cannot come to a solution to a problem and the problem is so big and there are so many people involved, that it is hard for them to come to a conclusion. That being said I don't think there is any good reason to go to war because I believe that there is a solution and an answer to every problem, and with time and patients good things can come, but people in this world are intolerant and impatient. I don't believe that people should have to die to come to these conclusions, so no I do not believe there is any good reason to go war, unless it is a war against good and evil, however that would be a spiritual quest and not a political one.

    2. I believe the soldiers loved their country.

    3. They did whatever work they were assigned to do.

    4. I believe they would tell you that respect is earned and responsibility is a choice.

  • Shark
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    This is what humans do to each other from time to time - unfortunately. How else are we going to deal with the hitlers of this world ?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    War dosen't determine who right or who wins, it determines "Who Is Left".

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