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what kind of anesthesia is commonly used in hospital?

Any kind, general, local.

I have marcaine and propofol, but I don't know if these are commonly used in today hospital. Help, please, I need 3 names.

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    I have read about commonly used anesthetics but I am not sure if the ones which I am listing down are used in hospitals or not. I guess, they are used for general anesthesia (and not local anesthesia).

    1. Desflurane

    2. Enflurane

    3. Etomidate

    4. Halothane

    5. Isoflurane

    6. Ketamine Hydrochloride

    7. Methohexital

    8. Midazolam Hydrochloride

    9. Nitrous Oxide

    10. Propofol

    11. Sevoflurane

    12. Thiopental Sodium

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