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My dog is panting,shaking and can't walk straight?

My dog is panting,shaking and can't walk straight and she seems to just want to hide.She had puppies probably about 1 week or more ago...I mean she was absolutely fine until about 30 minutes ago.Please help me with this,I don't know what's going on with her. :(


I really don't think she has dead puppies inside of her.She's a miniature dachshund and had 5 puppies...she's tiny..I thing there are more pups in there...

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    You can't be serious

    You should have had an x-ray done so you knew how many pups and placentas to expect

    Get her and the litter to the vet NOW or she could DIE

    If she dies then you will have to rear the pups and with no knowledge they would follow their Dam to their graves.

  • miaugh
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    I second Alesi's answer- given she is a small breed with 5 puppies to nurse, and a week after whelping she is likely suffering from eclampsia. This is not something that you can treat at home, it is very serious. You should be on your way to the vet.

  • You should probably get it to a vet now. My cat walked past me panting and walking funny and laid under the coffee table where I couldn't see him. When I went to see what was going on about 10 minutes later he was dead.

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    Take her to the vet ASAP!!!!

    She could have dead puppies inside of her and that will KILL her. Something is obviosuly medically wrong here..

    Get of Ya and seek vet care NOW!

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    Panting and shaking is stress (adrenalin and cortisol). Inability to walk straight - seizure or another health problem. Watch her reaction to puppies and see how she behaves, you may need to take over.

    Call the vet.

    Source(s): BSc Animal Behaviour
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    Eclampsia (milk fever) give her some crushed up tums in some cottage cheese and rush her to the vet. This is nothing to fool around with. she will die if not treated. GO! go now!

    ETA: Alesi is right. You must get them to a vet now. This is for real, we are not kidding around. your dog will die if she is not treated immediately.

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    Don't know what is wrong with her but she definately needs medical attention. Do you have an emergency vet clinic near you...if so go there immediately! You could be saving her life!

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  • Anonymous
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    She may have eaten something she should not have like chocolate or raisins\grapes, etc...

    You need to call your vet immediately. She sounds really sick and needs to go to the hospital.

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    Eclampsia is deadly if not treated IMMEDIATELY she needs a vet NOW. Pack her & the litter up & get moving


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