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Falling for a guy that I shouldn't be with?

Okay so when I student taught I had feelings for this guy teacher who taught in the same building but he was married. Now I'm done with student teaching and he is in the middle of a bad divorce but when I went out with some teachers I use to work with he was there and we ended up hooking up. Now it seems to be a regular occurrence but its more than that. Its not just sex but that seems to happen almost every time we hang out. We have crazy chemistry. What should I do? I'm really starting to fall for him but the timing is all wrong. Not to mention I'm trying to get a teaching job at that school and he is on the hiring board. I've tried to end things, but I really care about him and it seems he wants more than sex but again the timing is bad.

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    Tell him to wait until all these thoughts and distractions are cleared [the divorce...the teaching job...etc]. If he cantjust hang back awhile, then end your connections with him. Your life and job should be stable first before some crazy love drama :)

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