I put chocalate in my girlfriends vagina, now shes pregnant, will i have a chocolate baby?

We were fooling around and i thought a chocolate bar was a dildo, the next week she found out she was pregnant. Will my baby be made of chocolate or just brown like chocolate?

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    I'm 99.9% sure you will have a chocolate colored baby..congratulations!

    Source(s): 27 weeks pregnant with my baby boy!
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    Are you brown? Are you made of chocolate? If what the baby is made out of depends on what was put in a woman, then all babies would be made of semen!!! LOL seriously, It will be a baby, it will look like a baby and chances are she was pregnant before you stuck her with a candy bar!!!

    Source(s): ME a mom of 4 kids who is SMART LOL
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    sure, chocolate milk comes from a chocolate cow

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    well of course! duh!

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