How to have better communication with girls?

I can easy build a friendship with a boy, but with girls, it's really hard for me..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have you ever tried using common interests as a base? Like : hockey teams, video games, bands, etc. You just have to be yourself and, find all that you have in common. People say they are best-friends with people who are complete opposites but, that's not really true is it? Best friends do everything together.. So, they both like to do the same things. Be your self and know what you like and, don't like. For instance if you hate dancing don't go to a club or dance party and try to befriend someone their. If you were an artist take up art classes or go to art shows where you will meet someone with the same interests as you. Interests are everything. Sometimes, best friends may not like the same everything.. You just need a couple key things that you do have in common.

    Good Luck!! :DX.

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    Girl can talk about just anything, so find out what she's interested in and listen and ask questions don't stare at any part of her body, just her eyes, and remember,listen so if she asks a question you can answer it.

    Girls are people too so they have family they have a house, hobbies, friends, just like you. Ask questions about her, but only talk aout yourself when she asks, because girls find it annoying when you talk about something that has no relation to what they were just talking about. I'll give you a clue read geographic about animals nd in the midst of talking to her talk about what you read, just talk about anything but yourself(unless she asks).Good luck.

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    that's tricky...girls are just weird that way, keep trying though it will happen.

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