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Good appropriate funny email forwards?

My friend and I like sending funny email forwards!!!!! I need some actual good ones!

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    If yyou and your friend absolutely must send chain notes, please do everyone else a favor and keep them between you and your friend only. Forwards are stale and annoying, and even a joke that was funny the first time, gets really old and unfunny after getting it several times from different people.

    I'd suggest looking for web sites and sharing them instead, if you and your friend have a common interest. And personally written notes are always better than forwards. Most people seem to fall into the habit of sending forwards at some time during emailing back and forth, and it all to often has come to the point where chain forwards is all they ever can be bothered to send. This gets really irritating when they are sappy "friendship is caring" fwds that go on about how to be a good friend, but then one doesn't otherwise hear from that friend.

    Furthermore, virals are manipulative. There and their aim is always to get passed on. They'll play every emotional angle to get that done.

    For more on forwards and why they're not such a great idea:

  • 4 years ago

    that certainly relies upon on what you're delicate with. i comprehend that with my husband, it may desire to bring about different issues so I ask him to no longer do it and that i in turn do an identical. like the different guy or woman reported, while you're forwarding an digital mail that somebody else has sent, that is diverse yet all in all i do no longer think of it exhibits plenty appreciate.

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