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Organic chemistry Lab Question?

Why is it necessary to wash the crude methylcyclohexenes with aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution?

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    When you work up and wash a crude reaction mixture with aqueous sodium bicarbonate, it is usually to get rid of traces of any acidic reagent(s) or byproduct(s) within the mix. Aqueous sodium bicarbonate (itself mostly water) is *not* used to remove water traces - anhydrous magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate is used for that purpose.

    What was the reaction in question? What reagent did you use to prepare the methylcyclohexenes? Any of them acidic? What were the expected byproducts of the reaction? Again, any of those acidic? I am guessing it was an acid-catalyzed dehydration from methylcyclohexanol.

    Once again, aq. NaHCO3 is used for post-reaction neutralization.

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    It is used to remove water from the product, as it absorbs 9 H2O, from monohydrate to decahydrate

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