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My horse dazes then almost tips over? Any clue why?

I will be ridding my 11 year old gelding and he will stop and get stiff than almost tip over. It's like he is daydreaming? I had him tied the other day and he did it. He was fine eating grass than got stiff and dazed than started tipping over and then caught himself. Three days later he did the same thing only I was ridding him. Any clue? I have owned him 6 years and seen this four times. Three this year in a week.


He's in with 5 other horses. 70 acres of grass land. He only does this when alone. He was diagnosed with heaves a month ago. Than this happens after I have the heaves under control. He is the dominant horse. Half Quarter and half Morgan. He has been monitored the last two weeks in the round pen with a 1 n a half old filly. Lays down and sleeps.

Update 2:

No shoes. I do all my own farrier work. Cheaper and I learned by a local that does it in the area. Worked with him for 4 years so I don't believe thats the case. He's used for cutting cattle and sorting?

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    It sounds like narcolepsy. My horse has it and she does that. You need to really talk to your vet to see about something to help him :) best of luck

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    It could be sleep deprivation. If for some reason a horse is unable to lie down flat out to get deep REM sleep every day, the horse will become sleep deprived. When a horse sleeps standing up, it is more like cat napping. The only way a horse can get deep REM sleep is by lying down flat. So, that is something to look into. A lone horse out on pasture may be too afraid to lie down to sleep without another horse to stand guard. Or if a horse has ever been cast in a stall, or if the stall is too small or uncomfortable, he may not ever lie down to sleep. If a horse has arthritis and has had problems getting back up, he may quit lying down. I would assure that he is lying down and sleeping each day, and if not, find out why.

    It could also be a neurologic condition which your vet will need to diagnose, but I'd first rule out sleep deprivation. is some info and videos of sleep deprived horses

    Add....Then you should have the vet examine him asap and not ride until you know what is going on with him.

    Source(s): Registered Nurse and 57 years with horses
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    Is your horse a quarter horse? He could have HYPP. Or as the others said have narcolepsy. In either case, don't ride him until you have the vet out to do a battery of tests and get it sorted. If he fell while you were riding you could be crushed.

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    is he sound?

    If not, there you go.

    What kind of shoes does he have on?

    Tell the farrier, its most likely a shoeing problem.

    If everything is good health and feet wise, Tell him to WAKE UP! No dazing around and falling over. Move his haunches in a circle around you, make him WAKE UP

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    My mare has Narcolepsy but has never almost tipped over when riding. I would call out your vet, it could be some neurological problem.

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    It is in your best interest & your horse' have a vet out immediately. Do not ride him, it is not safe. I hope he will be fine with some minor medication...but this may be serious.

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    I think it would in the horsses best interest if you were to speak to a vet , call them up and explain the symptoms to them , they are qulified in this , i hope this helps

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