Can I become a psychologist with a bad mental health background?

self explanatory really. will i be refused as a reputable psychologist/ psychiatrist, if i once had mental health problems myself?

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  • Sara
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    1 decade ago
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    Obviously you're asking this question because you realize that society has somewhat attached a negative connotation or stigma to people whose mental health isn't necessarily up to par with everyone else - and to some degrees and based upon many studies that's true.

    But if you mean you have a background where you've been diagnosed with clinical depression, dysthymic disorder, manic depression, OCD (or other anxiety disorders) etc. those are almost mainstream and not as looked down upon as say something along the lines of autism, schizophrenia, or dissociative identity disorder.

    The degree to which you're psychologically atypical is largely the determinant of what you are asking. Frankly, you're not going to be a renowned psychiatrist or psychologist being a schizophrenic person who can barely function in regards to normal society simply because of their problem being psychosis (or a loss of touch with reality). Obviously, someone whose mental health is that far left or right isn't going to find themselves able to perform a professional job in a professional setting even if they wanted to.

    But if you're talking about depression or manic depression, really I wouldn't worry about it seeing as incalculable famous icons, legends, presidents, actors, musicians, and even physicians have all been diagnosed with these disorders before.

  • 1 decade ago

    It takes one to know one... meaning most psychiatrist probably suffer from some type of mental issue him/herself.

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