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Not being able to use a favorite name?

I've asked this before, but wanted to try again,

Have you ever had to give up on a name that was your favorite for a long time because:

1. Someone with that name is the mean person at work, or it was your spouse's bully's name from school

2. You loved it before you met your mate and the name is not a good match with the new last name

3. above, but the initials would be wierd

4. Your favorite girls name is the name of your husband's exwife or the girlfriend that broke his heart

Husband's favorite boys name was your ex

5. a celebrity, politician, musician with that name was in the media all the time and you did not care for that person

6. a family member stole the name from you for their child

7. You loved the name for a long time, before it made a blip on the popularity charts, and is now in the top 5 or 10

any other examples- but not just your spouse did not care for it


as far as initials go, i'm thinking like if you always loved Sarah Theresa as a name and you married a Daniels-

S.T. D. something like that-you have to care

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    I always wanted a boy named Riley, but my sister named her daughter Rylee before I even thought about having kids. She didn't know that I wanted that name. Now that I have a son and I couldn't name him Riley, but at least I got a niece named Rylee out of the deal.

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    One time I was reading a baby name website. The website listed things such as variations of spelling, nicknames, origin of the name, ect.

    One part of the listing was "common teasing nicknames" (not named this, but it might as well been) and a name I read had a terrible "rhyming" nickname, so I just couldn't imagine using that name again. Some names were harder to make fun of, according to the website.

    Who knows.

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    4 years ago

    properly, when you consider that i'm previous and am in all probability no longer even going to have greater grand little ones any call could greater healthful the bill. right that's a catalogue that i would not have been waiting to apply, however. Karen~husband's ex lady buddy. Paul~husband did no longer desire a son named after a Beatle. i'm extreme. Kathleen~could have been after my perfect buddy. The Husband disliked it. Julia~I enjoyed this call and if our son could have been a woman that's what i wanted. The Husband wanted Karen. playstation William Williams is very unusual.

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    Aubree Eliza is a really good name the name is a little common but the spelling is uncommon and it's such a beautiful name. Since you are having some trouble I suggest you and your husband sit down and look at this link of names together. http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com/

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    if you like a name... make it work okay like the not sounding right with the last name one or the initial one... who cares about initials? and you can add a name or use the middle name to tie it all in like when i was pregnant i was thinking of boy names and i liked Carter but his last name would have been Butler ewww right? Carter Butler soo i was going to add a name like Karter-ray Butler.

    well i had a girl and went with Khiyah Rae Butler... but you see what i mean you can make any thing work.

  • My favourite name was Scarlett for the longest time, but then my best friend started loving it and a girl I dislike intensely started loving it and now it's a really common name on the Yahoo! Answers board, which is tragic. ):

  • Éilis
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    1 decade ago

    Violet.. It was so uncommon and now it's back >< I'm a good 10 years away from having kids as I'm only 18 so maybe it'll have calmed down by then.

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    1 decade ago

    My step aunt said she wanted her first girl to be named Michaela, but she married a 'McDaniel' and Michaela McDaniel wouldnt sound very good. So she named her leah.

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    i loved the name cheyenne for the longest time but my husbands ex gf used that name as her stripping name. so of course we couldnt use that.

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