Can someone help me with a video game problem?

I was at my local mall the other day and I saw this guy at a booth or kiosk selling a type of video game that had a whole bunch of old retro games like super mario bros and some other sega games all built into this one console? When I went back to the mall later when I had more time he was gone. It was not a NES or SNES, it was a console that took no cartridges all the games were built into the memory. Does anyone know where I can get one online?

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    I'm familiar with what you're talking about, and it's actually a very common thing. I've seen it take the form of dozens of different things (Such as a single videogame controller that had more than 50 nes games in it, I used to own one and it was pretty sweet.)

    It was something like this. Although the one I'm talking about wasn't this one.... it was pretty much the same thing. Like I said, these things are very common, and are all over the place in malls. This is probably along the lines of what you're talking about.

    Do some more searching of things like this if you need to, but I'm sure this is what you mean. Scroll down to see a list of all the nes games it has. The controllers themselves tend to be a bit odd, and stiff (For example the one I had was an N64 controller... except the only thing that worked was the Dpad and the A/B button. The rest of the buttons and the joystick were just decoration?) Granted all you need to play nes games is a dpad and the A/B button. For what it's worth the games work, and for a price like that, it's not so bad.

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    He comprado muchos joysticks porque son un perfecto regalo y al final me he decidido compra uno y para mi, aunque el joystick que compre es de un precio muy bajo, la calidad es extraordinaria, es simplemente perfecto para los novatos porque es muy fácil de instalar y de utilizar y además, la función de vibración hace que el efecto sea increíble, muy buena elección en comprarme este joystick.

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    He probably built it himself, they didn't have that back then. There was this guy that made a NES out of a toaster.

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    I saw it in Ebay but it sold the next second they are pricey there is a place but i forgot the name

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