Do you know where I can find cheap chess sets for £1 each?

well... 1 or 2 pound. Even low quality, small or travel size.

I need to buy about 50 and dont want to pay masses of shipping costs so im looking in the uk.

I have found them for £2 in a local shop but i want to shop around first. I have tried ebay and amazon but i wondered if there is some wholesaler or someone who can help? The local pound shop has them in red and black but i need black and white.



local shops dont have the quantity i want.

they all need to match because they are part of the centrepieces at my wedding tables.

Thanks for your input :)

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    1 decade ago
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    i've seen then here too in the U.S.

    the price is about $2.00

    ....but it's small hollow plastic (low quality garbage)

    if you can get them at YOUR local shop?.....and if it's what you want?....BUY IT !!

    (www. the chess store. com) has plastic chess sets....but its regular size & the price is about $5.00 each set

    the volume price is $3.70

    but were still talking about regular size

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