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There are 2 soldiers, a man and a woman. They are killed within a month of each other. They were in the twenties. Answer these questions.

is there any good reason for a country to go to war?

what do you think the soldiers thought about their country?

What kind of work did they do?

If there were here today what do you think they would tell you about respect and responsibility

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    The life they are willing to give is worth it

    Defend a nation and it's interests

    More than you playing games with your scenario

    Source(s): Bear UASF Retired 1984-2006 Combat Veteran
  • 1. Yes

    2. They love their country regardless of what they think about the politics.

    3. They signed up to help their country and got sent on a stupid mission to spread Democracy to people that don't want it.

    4. They would do it again, no questions asked.

    It takes a certain type to be military. I understand their way of thinking, but could never do a "no questions asked" job like them. I respect their intentions.

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