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When you sideswipe a car, do you feel it?

OK, so I was pulling out of perpendicular parking and wasn't thinking. It occurred to me that I was not pulling out as far as I usually do/turned the wheel further than I usually do (I usually go too far.) Anyway, I didn't hit either car (I have touched cars with mine when I was newly licensed). When I looked at the car to my right(was pulling out to face the right) it struck me that something didn't look right, but I thought it was just the lighting from my headlights since it was dark. Now I'm worried that I ruined their paint. It seems that sideswiping would do this. Wouldn't you feel the contact?

If I wouldn't, what should I do? Does that mean I prolly sideswiped them?

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  • Alzo
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    1 decade ago

    Whenever I have ever touched something while driving, I felt it. I only kind of touched a car one time while attempting to parallel park. As I remember, it was not even permanent damage; it was more like just paint scrape. But even that minor contact was felt while I was sitting at the wheel.

    Is there anything on your car to indicate that it came in contact with the other car?

  • Mabes
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    1 decade ago

    you would hear a screeching metal on metal sound, and would feel a slight pull of your car

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