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UK: Do today's Hate Crimes during the two minute silence at Armistice Day Celebrations...?

Do today's shameful, traitorous and hate filled acts against the British people, and the memory of its dead soldiers finally drive it home that Britain is no longer British.

It seems like these new people spit upon the culture and traditions of the land to which they've freely come.

Make Britain British again!




I don't want to misrepresent myself, so I must state that I, myself, am not British. I'm a citizen of America, Ireland and South Africa.

It is just that I have many close ties to Britain, and feel very strongly about what is going on there.

We have similar problems here in America which must also be dealt with strongly.

PS. I always enjoy your posts. ;o)

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    they make it loud and clear that some people will never be british no matter what the media and their supporters claim

    some people are not compatible with western values and traditions and should stay in their muslim countries

    if they hate britain so much just why do they stay and populate the country with more haters?

    they were inciting hatred so should have been arrested

    time to reclaim the country from the muslims who have been allowed to get away with this kind of behaviour for far too long

  • What i find even more disgusting is the complete and total ignorance of these arseholes.

    Do these people not realise that on Rememberance Sunday and Armistice Day, we also remember the soldiers from all corners, the ANZACs, the Ghurkhas, and the soldiers from India, among others, who fought and died in WWs 1 and 2? India back then was part of the British Empire, before Pakistan was partitioned, now, I wonder what religion those soldier who fought and died were?

    That's right, they were many denominations, including a large proportion of Muslim soldiers, yes, Muslims fought for the Allies in the World Wars, so these protesters have effectively urinated on the sacrifice their fellow Muslims made during these wars, in order to fight for our, and future generation's, freedom! There are a number of Muslims in the British Armed forces, and still fighting today - those people waving placards and showing complete and total disrepect for those who will put their life on the line, if they feel so passionately about Afghanistan and Iraq, they why don't they just fook off there if they love it that much?

    I bet the families of the Muslims who fought and died for everyone must be feeling sick to their stomach if they saw this story!

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    I'm not sure, but I do know that hatred is always about ignorance. It is about not believing we are all equal. It is about self righteous arrogance. All the countries that participated in the world wars deserve respect and compassion for those that died to fight for our freedom

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    You have every right to feel the way you do. To do such a thing on this day is unforgivable. Maybe subconsciously they want to be deported?

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