A question about proteins?

So, I'm doing this lab & I'm confused on how to do these questions. Is there some kind of mathematical way to solve it or is it something else? Here's the questions:

1.) How many differnet proteins, 15 amino acid long, could you make given an unlimited number of each of 20 amino acids?

2.) Most real proteins are actually in the range of 300 amino acids long. How many different possible proteins, 300 amino acids in length could exist?

3.) Assuming that all human properties are 300 amino acids long, what fraction of the total number of possible different proteins is found in the human body?

Yup..I'm just confused on how to answer them! Thanks in advance!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    its just a stat question.

    1. 20 possibilities 15 times in a row is 20 ^15

    2. 20 ^ 300

    3. im confused by this question

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