What's the difference between Sharia Law and Banning abortion based on Christian principles?


apologies, i'm speaking hypothetically, because Sharron Angle was on record saying that Sharia law was happening currently.

But when people talk about banning abortion and if it was banned would it be any different then sharia law?

Update 2:

Jay really good answer. I agree with all of you that anti-abortion advocates have every right to raise secular points against abortion and they are valid points.

I may have to make a new question posing gay marriage against sharia law because that is ENTIRELY religious based a judge has made that indisputable.

Update 3:

Does a woman have superior rights to the baby that is living off of her?

Update 4:

Does a woman have superior rights to the baby that is living off of her?

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    Because the people who are against abortion are of the opinion that abortion violates our secular laws against murder.

    I suggest that you learn something about Sharia law. This way you will avoid sounding like an idiot when you try to bash other people's beliefs.

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    Sharia Law demands that women not work, not allowed out of the house without a head covering and disallows women to talk to men outside of their family. Sharia Law also says it is ok to stone people to death for adultery and other crimes. Sharia Law basically makes women act as servants to their husbands who buy them from their famiy.

    Banning abortion is based on the principle that there is life at conception, thus killing a fetus is equal to murdering an innocent victim. Abortion also encourages people to have unprotected sex and simply abort the fetus when they get pregnant, also helping the transmission of STDs. Just another way to encourage irresponsible behavior of citizens. People say that abortion is the woman's choice because it is her body. But what about the man who also has an interest in that baby? Can the man protest her having an abortion and make her have that baby? No. However, if a woman gets pregnant and has the baby, the man is on the hook for child support for the next 18-19 years. According to the Constitution people are supposed have equal protection under the law. Abortion does not provide this. If abortion is ok, then a man should be able to say he doesn't want to pay child support and no one should contest his decision. I am all about women's rights, but let's not give anyone superior rights.

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    Sharia Law is the whipping of women because they failed to wear their religious clothing. Or hanging gays because they are gay. In general it is taking a crime and making a horribly cruel punishment for it.

    Abortion is the destruction of innocent human life, that is not just a Christian belief. I really do not know where you are going.

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    in actuality Judeo-Christian values are the Biblical values & morals held via many individuals. interior the context of america, Sharia regulation is a pretend concern that Hannity & O'Reilly communicate approximately while that's a gradual information day and that they have these days performed a "conflict on Christmas" instruct

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  • Jay
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    People are going to tell you that Sharia Law is evil, but saving babies is not.

    Which may be true. But it's not the answer to the question you're asking.

    When you get down to it, any law that is done because of a religious belief (and which does not have any secular reasoning) is "wrong" (note my use of quotes, since "wrong" really isn't the right word).

    Fact is, our laws all have some secular support -- they are justified without religion. People are against abortion for both religious and secular reasons.

    Gay marriage, now that's one that people seem to oppose mainly on religious grounds.

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    Well since abortion is not banned based on Christian principles, I fail to understand what you are referring to. I guess there is no difference because both are religious based and neither example you state exists in law in this country.

  • Katy M
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    A lot. A law against abortion only protects the life of the unborn child and maybe inconveniences the woman who allowed herself to become pregnant in the first place.

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    So you don't believe a baby has life until the moment of birth? Is that your narrow-minded argument?

    Anyone even trying to compare the two are somewhat messed-up and misogynistic

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