Fable 3: Should I get or not?

What do you guys think about Fable 3? I played Fable 2, but haven't played the first one. I've been reading a lot of reviews and it's mixed so, ehhh.....

I really enjoyed Fable 2 a lot. I was thinking of waiting for it to go down in price. What do you guys suggest I do? What's your review? What are the pros and cons?

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    My opinion is of a person who loves the previous two and loves this one. There are downsides to this one as well.

    The Pros:

    -Combat has increased vastly. The enemies are much more difficult, and there are finishing moves which vary by the opponent that you are facing, playing off of their weaknesses; such as, when fighting a hobbe, you take advantage of their stupidity and lack of attention by diverting one by simply pointing behind one with a shocked face, they turn around , you stab them in the back. I found that the previous two were FAR too easy, and made that aspect of the game dull.

    -Decorating your house has gone up ten-fold. You can change almost every aspect of your house, as there are hundreds of options from decorations to wallpaper. You can make your house a torture chamber or a party house.

    -The Sanctuary is amazing to say the least. Lionhead did well by getting rid of the 2D menu, and instead there is a new place called The Sanctuary. In the main room is a map, your dog, a gift wall, statistics and main menu (mind you, it leads to an actual 2D menu lol), and a portal to the Road to Rule. There are also four branched rooms, one of which is an armory, with one wall having melee, another with ranged, and another with magic gauntlets. Another room is the Clothing room, in which you can dye your clothes and put together outfits. There is the achievement room, in which there is a summary of all of your trophies on one wall, game achievements on another, and the middle to the rear of the room is a pile of your personal treasury. The final room is an Xbox LIVE! room, you can buy DLC, and check up on friends and leaderboards through this room.

    -The ability to rename weapons is great.

    The Road to Rule is a wonderful way to upgrade your expressions, weapons, dyes, and job adequacy.

    The Cons:

    The weapon morphing system is a DRAG. Weapons don't morph at all as Lionhead implied. The weapons just take a random morph every time you upgrade them.

    The glitches are plentiful in Fable 3. There is one glitch that is detrimental to the game. You basically fall into oblivion. The only solution that I have found is for a second player to look for an article of clothing, so that the player that is falling can teleport to the Sanctuary, as the START button, when falling, only takes you to the main menu.

    The ability to customize your appearance is horrible. There are far too few clothes, hair, makeup, and tattoo sets. And you even have to buy the last 4 dyes with Microsoft points! Blasphemy!!

    The amount of time that the story takes to beat is, depending on the player, 10-15 hours. This is ridiculous. There are an OK amount of side quests, but the while the story line is interesting and fun, it is far too short!!

    Another con is the expression system, they thought that they brought it back to the basics, but what they really did was make it where, to get on another man's good side, you have to dance, tickle, and play patt-a-cake with another man...It's quite odd, at least for me...

    All-in-all, the game was worth it for me. They will add new stuff that will fix some of the cons...I hope...and as for the amount of time that the game promises, concerning the storyline, they will add more DLC, and it is quite fun to free roam, anyways. Hope this helps!

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    It's way better than fable two, in my opinion. Lots more awesome choices at start of the 2nd campaign, better than the one at the end of fable 2.

    If your not sure just wait a while to buy


    1. Slightly better graphics

    2. One of the most free to do anything you want type of games I've played

    3. Jobs are better structured

    4. Yellow thing that you follow is a lot less glitchy

    5. around 50 legendary weapons, that all have requirements to improve and chagne how they look.

    6. Your starting swords change do to what you do for instance buying a lot of stuff may turn you weapon red, using magic a lot will make it glow and have runes. Same with rifles and pistols.

    7. Really awesome pause menu, once you unlock it (like 30 mins in) you press pause and you can run around in it, there are multiple rooms, weapons, clothes/armor, Sancuary shop, Xbox live room, Gold room. (shows how much gold you have in big piles and shows recent transactions)

    8. a lot more in depth.

    9. kind of a two part game

    10. More in depth storyline.

    11. longer.

    12. really funny

    13. Theres more but I don't feel like listing everything.


    1. Sometimes the yellow trail does glitch for a couple seconds if you go off path

    2. Marriage options are glitchy at times.

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    I personally think Fable 2 was a more robust game, but Fable 3 is definitely worth playing. Just be warned... they *did* change a lot of the mechanics of the game (i.e. there is not experience, health gauge, or mana gauge, which a lot of people think makes the battles far too easy).

    But the story is interesting, and it's still very much a game where your choices have a direct impact on who you become and what happens to the world.

    My only real gripe about Fable 3 was the lack of menus and gauges... I think they were trying to make things more automatic, but the end result is that you're looking for what's familiar to you from the previous games and not finding it. It takes some getting used to.

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    Depends. If you have an Xbox 360, then go for Fable III. If you have a PC then go for Sims 3. Sorry for sounding dumb. Edit: Sims 3 is casual and fun. Fable III is more action oriented. I would personally go for Sims 3 as it is more fun and can be played in any mood. Both are great games, but I would suggest Sims 3 if you are not very hardcore. Please give me best answer. I was the first to answer and my answer is not bad. Cheers. Hope I helped

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    I personally think it's really good although there are a few glitches in the game and I thought the main quest was a bit short, but overall it's worth the money.

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    Sucks dont get it.









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