Can I use a triangle for baked Brie?

I want to make baked Brie but I only have a triangle. Every recipe has either the wheel rind or phyllo dough to keep in the meltiness. Can I just stick the Brie on a sheet and bake it with a bit of jam on top, or do I need to make a little container for it with foil? I'm not sure how much it will melt, and if it will run everywhere or not. Also I could use some guidelines for oven temp and how long I should keep it in. I don't know how melty I should make it. Thanks!

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    Of course you can sub the triangle shape.

    That was cut either of a 6K wheel or a 2K wheel.

    The usual is a round 8oz. But you don't have that so sub.

    They do it in Europe. They use what's on hand.

    I wouldn't use phyllo( we use puff pastry dough).I prefer that over the phyllo.

    But again,phyllo will work if that's all you have.

    Put the jam on top of the brie before you wrap it.

    You can also do savoury with things like pesto and sundried tomatoes.

    Bake it on a 325 to 350F( place it on a baking sheet with a drop of oil rubbed on the bottom of the sheet) and wait till it browns. You can place it on foil if you have no baking sheet.

    Let it cool for about 15 minutes.

    If you seal it right with the dough it won't run.

    If you leave a little gap, it won't be the worst thing either, they don't take long to cook.

    It's really hard to screw this up.

    Next easiest thing to boiling water.


    I see what your saying.

    You don't want to wrap it in phyllo.

    What you want is warm brie.

    Yes, you can do that and add the jam after you warm it.

    Just put it on foil( don't wrap it).

    5 minutes or so on 300F oven.

    (look at it every minute).

    When it starts to run a bit, take it out.

    The secret is to leave the brie out of the fridge an hour before warming( so it isn't cold in the middle).

    Sorry, misread the question.

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    Warming Brie In The Oven

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    BAKED BRIE IN PUFF PASTRY 1 sheet puff pastry - thawed 1 Brie - about 1 lb. in size 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tsp. water Set out frozen puff pastry about 20 to 30 minutes before ready to use. Roll out pastry to 1/8" thickness. Cut off a 4" strip and set aside to use as decoration. Place Brie in center of puff pastry and bring up edges and crimp edges together around Brie, sealing completely. Turn Brie - crimped dough side down on a baking sheet. With remaining 4" of dough left cut out leaf design or anything you may want to use as a decoration. Place on top of dough covered Brie. Refrigerate until ready to bake. This can be kept overnight for your convenience. Just cover with plastic wrap. When ready to bake - remove plastic wrap. Mix egg yolk with 1 teaspoon water and brush entire dough covered Brie. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven and let set 20-25 minutes before serving.

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