what are some signs your in love?

i need to know some of the signs to know if you are in love thanks(:

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    well ... if your young you have to no the difference in love and lust.

    signs of love is not when your heart beats fast and when you kiss him the world stops.

    That's not love , that's like a crush type thing.

    Signs of love are you never stop thinking about them.

    You always have there feelings in mind and most of all respect.

    Love is all about respect .

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    Well whenever I'm in love I can't stop thinking about the other person. When I talk to the other person on the phone or text the other person, I'm absolutely happy. You're excited to wake up in the morning, and you just simply feel wonderful. You can't truly express love in words, it has to be felt. When you're in love you just know, without doubt.

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    2.you stare but dont want to be noticable

    3. you flert and you might not even know your doing it

    4.you get to know there friends more or him or her

    5.your stumic will feel empty

    6. you get nervis around that person and will do somthing stupid and thell laugh with you.

    7. ignor what i have said and just be your self

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    You can't stop thinking about them,you want to be with them all the time..Your heart skips a beat when you see them,getting nervous seeing them.Just a few

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    I always picture having a future with him

    I always picture doing it with him, cuddling with him, etc.

    I always think about what it would be like to be Mrs. [my guy's name]

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