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Will Jacob Tamme start the rest of the NFL season?

if so, is it safe to trade Zach Miller in a Fantasy league?

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    If you got Tamme that was a great pickup. TE's are very limited this year so that was a good pickup. Any pther TE's you have you shpuld be able to trade for a good player... That includes Miller.

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    He'll start unless he gets injured. Tamme looks like the real deal, runs good routes, good hands, able to get some YACs, but best of all, Peyton Manning is his QB. But again, you never know about injuries, so I like to have at least one backup on the bench for every position (except maybe kickers or defense).

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    Tamme ought to have been interior the activity extra even whilst Dallas Clark replaced into wholesome. At Kentucky, this guy replaced right into a beast. he's have been given the expertise. i think of Peyton Manning will seem to him in those short-yardage circumstances merely as much as he did for Dallas Clark.

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    No i think that zach miller is better and will over take him

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    Yea Clark is out for the season. Go ahead and trade him

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