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Boy trouble !!! help?

so im in highschool i made new friends :D non enemies and theres the cutest guy in the class :) he gave me a nickname then he had kissed me in the chek couple times just to say "hi" and hes like winking or just smiling and staring at me in the classes its strange so i just look on other side or just smile at em :D i love to speak with em and he does too we were sitting together for couple times but from today hes keeps on smiling but doesnt give me the whole attention like before is he starting to unliking me :) ???? how can i make em like me again :D i do love em btw (and i made other guy friends is he jelous cuz im close with em ... btw hes like hugging girls in front of me ) :D help pls

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    I'm not a guy, but either he's a player or he's trying to make you jealous.

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    Lol i had that problem!well i figure hes jealous,you should confront him... that's what i would do,ask him whats going on..i would hug guys in front of him and show him how it feels!lol good luck! or maybe hes thinking u like him? and that feels weird to him...

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    look hot. kiss em. revenge maybe? but that might make ur problem worse.

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    sounds like a ladies man 2 me. girl if you want something you betta go and get it im jus sayin.

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