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Breaking the touch barrier...would this work?

so there is this guy in 5 of my classes and we became best friends this year. i'm attracted to him but i don't want anything serious with him like a committed relationship. we've talked about sexual things that we've done (the topic came up when we stated taking about the worst things we've done). I think he was at least a little turned on by the conversation n he thinks i'm pretty. He has a six pack so today we were in class n he sits in front of me so we were whispering...

me: do you really have a 6 pack?

him: yeah cause of cross country

me: that's cool i wanna poke it one day

him: hahah one day? that's a long term goal

so i wanna touch it tomorrow just to break the touch barrier. how should i touch his 6 pack to turn him on a little? it'll probably be above his shirt. i plan on slowly grazing my fingers down his stomach. would that work?

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  • 4 years ago

    So my assumption is which you like her and she or he likes you definite? nicely heres what I have been given. in case you desire to interrupt the touch barrier, then do it slowly. smash it by danger. Brush her hand by danger while your skating, or perhaps to love you reported, ask her to hold your hand so which you do no longer fall. If she likes you, she won't thoughts! Its completely commonly used and she or he'll like it. do no longer supply her a hug till you get to comprehend her very nicely. A compliment is quite commonly used additionally. do exactly no longer say them at awkward cases. possibly for the duration of a greeting once you meet her or... i do no longer understand. all over returned which you sense is stable. basically be sure you do no longer say them once you're having a stable convo together with her.

  • Ok...
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    You just basically said to this guy in so many words "I'm down for fooling around with you" and you are asking if that will work?

    Honey, there are no barriers any longer when you basically say, "here you can have my p*ssy without any work on your part"....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you want a physical relationship ;) then do so touch his 6 pack or maybe below his 6 pack ;P

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm a girl and that sounds good to me! lol Just act not impressed a little, just a little, maybe tell him, "oh that's nothing, you should feel mine, lol. " That way he knows you're okay with him touching you?

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  • 1 decade ago

    it seems like you've already made up your mind on this subject. but keep in mind that it's really difficult to do sexual things without getting your feelings attached.

  • Charko
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    1 decade ago

    Would that work for what? Teasing is not cool. Make up your mind about him?

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