Any reason for my ground wire on my battery to melt?

My 1992 Ford Thunderbird SC has been having engine problems for last few days. When I twist the ignition key it acts like its going to start but a soon as it turns over it shakes the whole car and stops.(never starts) If I hold the key down it seems to have a delay of about 3 seconds before it attempts to turn over again. While trying to get it to start again. I noticed smoke from hood. turns out the ground wire off battery was starting to melt and smoke. after several tries i got it to start. but runs rough afterward. I have replaced alternator 2 months ago. I believe its a timing issue for most of the issue but no clue for now. thank for the help.

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  • P W
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    1 decade ago
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    The starter is toast would be why its melting ground wire and not starting worth a crap. Instead of starter motor turning like it should its just arcing out and drawing FAR more amperage than it should.

    The rough running is a whole different issue possible timing as you suppose and could be contributing to the starter problems if engine is more difficult to spin over than it should be.

    That is the best info i can give based on the details provided.

    Good Luck

  • saner
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    4 years ago

    You wrote earth,so i'm assuming you're British,Canadian or Australian, interior the US we are saying floor. FIRST seem on the battery interior the easy, the case would be embossed or stamped with Pos + and Neg -. diverse batteries may be reversed. placed the purple cable on the Pos + and tighten. with out the neg there is not any thank you to short the battery by potential of touching the physique. Then placed on the Neg -. To take the battery out do the Neg - first.

  • 1 decade ago

    better change the battery too. sounds like a short in the battery.

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