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Crush help! Does he like me?? HELP?

I think I'm starting to like this guy in my class that is like so shy! How do I know if I really like him?

Like thers some times that I just find my self thinking about him and trying to do everything just to see him around the halls:) lol. Well does he like me? & why is he shy How can I like start talking to him? Like I alwAys see him by himself but I'm to shy to go up to him!

Oh the important part u have wood shop with him lol were both freshmen:) & were partners on helping each other build our cabinets together ( since today the 10 th) any advise??? Thanks every 1!

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    you need to start talking with him and draw him out. ask him about his favorite things, the future etc... you could ask him to hang out with you too to get to know him better. you will be happy with the results

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