How to distribute B2 =a(a+b2 x-ax) for x variable?

i need the procedure for distributing for the x variable now please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I assume you mean b^2 = a(a + b^2x - ax)

    distribute by multiplying each term within the brackets by a:

    b^2 = a^2 + ab^2x - a^2x

    now factor out the x:

    b^2 = a^2 + x(ab^2 - a)

    subtract a^2 from both sides:

    b^2 - a^2 = x(ab^2 - a)

    divide both sides by (ab^2 - a):

    (b^2 - a^2)/(ab^2 - a) = x

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