What does it mean if the MAF sensor reading is lower than spec?

Car dying at idle. No check engine light. New fuel pump, filter. This is live data reading with OBD2.


Changed the air filter. No codes coming up

Update 2:

If i unplug the MAF while the car is running should there be a difference in idle?

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    First of all you are right it is a MAF sensor(Mass Air Flow) it is located on the throttle body directly in line with the air intake.They are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.The PCM(Power Control Module)uses the information from the MAF sensor to determine the operating condition of the engine,to control fuel delivery.A large quantity indicates acceleration, while a small quantity indicates deceleration or idle. A common problem with MAF sensors is wire damage.If the sensor reading is lower than spec check that the plug is making good connection and that all terminals are not corroded,if the connections are good and not corroded, then replace the MAF sensor.

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    I would first try and change the air filter. Sounds like it's not getting enough air flow and the ECU is compensating by putting less gas into the engine and it stalls out.

    Are you getting any trouble lights.

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    I think you mean MAP sensor.

    If it reads under spec replace it. If the new one is out of spec then return it and tell them.

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