example some one went on vacation and sent his resign but not came back?

what company usually do ,do they file a case or they just inform authorities about resignation?

what if the person got in with new passport after visa expiry?

is he able to in Uae other than cancellation process if yes how?(visit tourest etc)


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    Somebody going on vacation an resigning is breaching UAE Labor Law because he/she isn't able to give a 30 days notice. Means, a person not showing up after leave is over, is an absconding person. The company will file an absconding case to have this worker's/employee's visa cancelled. That way a company is able to obtain an new work permit for a new worker/employee.

    Because former blacklisted persons were able to enter the UAE again by using new passports or new identities, certain nationalities now are requested to be eye scanned when entering the country. That way a new passport is useless.

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    1st answer,

    well. companies gives the ad on gulf newspaper about the person that this person is no more longer with our company.

    2nd answer, if you have valid visa and visa duration left less then 6 months then your visa will continue but if visa is expire then this is on company that they want your services or not.

    and about cancellation process is if you are in your home country then you will come again UAE for cancellation but you are not allowed to enter in the UAE from airport terminal. Airport securities will cancel your visa, but remember if you leave UAE without cancellation then for life time you are banned from UAE.

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